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How well do you know your team ?

How well do you know yourself ?

- what is important and matters to them : have you asked -

- what are their values, beliefs and how does this align to those of the business : have you asked -

To create a solid, productive, loyal, trusting, ethical and motivated team, a business must provide a transparent culture, benchmark and model high-performers who want to succeed. 


Where this is not encouraged, shared and mentored, then the greatest Vision, Mission and Values mantra shall not be reflected in the organisation.

Where this is provided, the Team shall lead progress and Leadership shall be encouraged to develop not only themselves but also and more importantly the Team as a single cohesive operation.

Having an attitude in a business that feedback is encouraged  must be reflected by example

The statement alone is not enough. A negative example encourages fear, secrecy and turnover. Recruitment and retention impact financial leakage, relationship development and harbour negative cultures that protect don't grow themselves.

It is important to not care who contributes to improvement, so long as it is measurable, relevant, accurate and where not, is open to receiving further enquiry before dismissing

Appreciating and valuing feedback is demonstrating the same to staff. As with the opening line, this has multiple positive engagements.

When an idea is forwarded, act on that which improve the business, the Team, the system, the implementation, the standards and modelled benchmarks and that aligns with the business' Values, Vision, Mission and Goals.

Let it be: Sustainable􏰀 - Replicable - Scalable - Manageable given current resources -􏰀 Doesn’t diffuse or detract from the business

When declining an idea, ensure you advise Why, enquire How it could possibly be improved, ensure the opportunist recognises they have not been dismissed and are valued. It is not the opportunist who was rejected, it was the idea that did not match and may be worked on from another angle or let go.

Egos and feedback do not go together.

Identify your team members behavioural types from other Flick the Switch Consulting programs and you shall be in a far greater position for how to leverage communication, delegation, replication and managerial development. Remember, this is not about 'them', behaviours apply to all people including the Owner and CEO - MD - GM.

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