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Matt Wood - founder

I have always had an enormous passion, presence and sincerity; particularly when it comes to supporting others, particularly when it comes to communication, consideration, compassion, connection, collaboration and consistency.

I bring over 20 years of client relationship, sales, marketing and business development experience across the wholesale, retail and corporate franchise fields in New Zealand, Australia and Europe specialising in the travel industry space.

Years of exposure clearly demonstrated how feeling valued, acknowledged, validated, included, heard, provided opportunities and accountability shifts a persons motivation. Their path, attitude and consistency related to their position, income and commitment improves dramatically with these small shifts in their environment.


This is the basis of Flick the Switch Coaching

I was born in New Zealand, raised in the country, educated in the city; an intrepid global traveller, tour operator, sales executive, network business manager, martial artist and unending passion for culture, education, awareness, property, architecture and interior design.

As an advocate for change, having seen, experienced and heard the many limitations that impact employees and employers alike, it is heartwarming to support people through Loss, Anxiety, Depression, Despair at work, at home, in their relationships.


I suffered the same trauma's and resolved to find a way. I now take this to those seeking to shift from pain and back into focus, productivity, enjoyment, opportunity.

The workplace matters. People do not interview for the sake of an income, they seek community and development.

A relationship matters. People do not seek, invest and commit to those they anticipate leaving, they seek peace of mind, love, value, support, encouragement.

It is one thing to know how to change, it is another to know why, what and for whom.

Teams demonstrated the clear difference between expectation and inclusion. One provides, the other divides.

When we listen, we learn, we may then language (or speak) and are in a better position to lead.

Managing franchise operators identified the fears, hopes, dreams of owner - managers with the daily business demands, personal development gaps, home and work imbalances and the desperation for sincere standards to help achieve personal goals.

Flick the Switch Coaching is in the business of bringing connection and drive back to people.

In a business this means bringing recognition and gratitude back to employers and employees, an outcome of growth and success.

In a relationship this means bringing realisation to what is important, valued, believed and enacted by the individual so they may lead the life they deserve.

I am in the business of developing people, adding value by "Design not Default".

“Circumstances do not make a Person, they reveal them"

My consistent message is: “how can I add value to others”.

The impact is, optimism breeds optimism even in the face of adversity. Ask yourself:

  • what brings you pain, what hurts, what touches your heart

  • what brings you joy, what resonates 

  • what do you dream about

"Be the example"

I live on Sydney's Northern Beaches, work between Melbourne, Auckland and Brisbane and cherish time with my boys, time for myself, my health, wealth, energy, my loving partner and the support I provide to friends, family, business owners and their teams alike.

"If you can, why not"

Let me know your needs, pains and preferences, your hopes and what matters to you and/ or your business. I am listening. You matter.

Accreditations: - Extended DISC, FinxS Practitioner

                     - Meta Dynamics Practitioner

                     - Member of the Coaching Institute, Melbourne

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